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4 quick ways to quick check uniform products

4 quick ways to quick check uniform products

Normally, when you receive uniforms, you tend to take a look before counting the number of them. That is why you may miss some defects . Sometimes you check it carefully. It take time but still not assure you can detect all the defects because you don’t know which parts of product should be checked more careful. So how to check eficiently and quickly? Read this article to know how to check products like a quality controller

Each product has many details but there are only some common positions on clothing usually get defects which seriously affect the quality of uniforms. Thus, you only need to take notice of 4 things: fabric and color, size, embroidery shape or printed shape and the connect positions of sewing

1/ fabric and color of uniform

Compare with the sample we sent you, don’t let the feeling fool you around. Put them together to compare the color and fabric. Touch the fabric to chẹck handfeel. If you still not sure, burn some redundant fabric to compare the ash. If it similar to each other, you can conclue the fabrics are the same

2/ clothing size and clothing form

Let try clothes on to check form and size. The best way is heap up the sample and product together to check. If you still not sure, use the measurement

3/ embroidery / printed details like logo and slogan

Check every single smallest detail because the defects normally appear on clothes” printed and clothes’s embroidery parts but rarely be detected. This is the most serious defect may result in the worst situation. Cancelling the whole order Because you can’t let your staffs wear an uniform with a wrong logo or a wrong slogan. The logo need checking carefully by using the logo sample

4/check the armhole and the connect seam carefully

Some Popular defects are tears at armhole, at crotch seam and at other connect seams. If the uniforms have these defects It may led to many awkward situations in public. So, let check the connect seams carefully.

Hope this article will help you check the clothes more quickly and more precisely

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